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Pediatric Dentistry
Dental exams for children are far more extensive than simply looking at their teeth. Your dentist will review your child’s overall health history so he or she will know whether any special care is needed. The examination will note the health and condition of the teeth, gums, soft tissues, head and neck. The dentist also monitors the growth of the jaws and development of the teeth, and evaluates any oral habits, such as thumb sucking. We will use the information from this examination to make a diagnosis and create a custom treatment plan with instructions for home care.
At the examination, the dentist or hygienist will clean the child’s teeth to remove any plaque build-up. Just as in adults, without treatment, this build-up can cause gum disease and tooth decay. The dentist will also treat the teeth with a fluoride solution to make them stronger and more resistant to decay. It is recommended that you bring your child in for cleanings and fluoride treatments twice a year to maintain optimal dental health.

Prevention is a crucial component of your child’s overall dental care. The dentist will provide instructions for home dental care, along with tips such as brushing techniques. The dentist may also provide a list of foods and habits that should be avoided.