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Laser Dentistry
Today, modern and comfortable laser dentistry is now available at South Star Family Dental. In simple terms, lasers are devices that produce and amplify light, but it’s important that we establish that the lasers we associate with Star Wars are not the same ones we can expect to find at South Star! In various medical fields, lasers are purpose selected according to wavelength in order to treat specific types of tissue. Dr. Shahian utilizes a particular type of laser that only penetrates approximately 200 microns below the surface, providing a perfect balance of safety, comfort, and efficacy. In dentistry, laser treatments reduce the need for local anesthesia (numbing), minimize a patient’s risk of bleeding, control swelling, and help to reduce or eliminate postoperative discomfort and pain.
Dental Lasers are commonly used in a number of procedures, including the following:

• Various gum surgeries

• The treatment of gum disease during routine cleaning appointments

• Treatment of aphthous ulcers (canker sores)and oral herpetic lesions (cold sores)

• Treatment of dental abscesses

• Tongue tie operations

• Exposure of slow-erupting teeth in children

• Treatment of gingival hyperplasia (enlargement/overgrowth of gum) which could develop due to side effects of certain medications or during pregnancy

• Frenum release

• Removal of pigmentation from gums